“It’s all a matter of keeping my eyes open” writes Annie Dillard in Pilgrim At Tinker Creek, her Pulitzer Prize winning book.

I write because it helps me to be inquisitive. What would it be like to see like a child?  To explore every forest and role down every hill? To stare in wonder at the starry sky and examine every freakish insect?

It makes me stop, investigate the neighborhood, be attentive to people around me, mark the passing of the seasons.

I created Eyes Open in July of 2009 to record my experiences as an intern on an organic farm in Catawba, VA. Click on “Previous Entries” at the bottom of the home page to find pieces about milking goats, shoveling manure, and butchering chickens.

During my time on the farm, the habit of daily writing became an enlivening practice. I found that writing led to asking deep questions and I began to see how my faith in God connected to my everyday life as a Creature in Creation.

So writing, for me, is a touchstone of growth and new sight.

Thank you for reading, and may your own discoveries abound.

~ Ingrid