The sun rose with exuberance this morning. I awoke and glimpsed out at the sky. It was a deep, expectant blue streaked with ribbons of orange. After sinking back into sleep for a few minutes, I opened my eyes and found myself bathed in resplendent light. My skin felt warm. Those electromagnetic waves travel 93,000,000 miles to arrive at my window, old from the long journey, yet still fresh and lively.

This afternoon I watched the western window in my bedroom. Reflections of leaves darted back and forth on the satin curtain and the bamboo shade. The light glowed bright, then dimmed on the skirt of my grandmother’s nightgown that hangs there, lace at the waist and shoulders. It was like watching a film.

Tonight my quartet played Beethoven and Haydn at a small art gallery downtown. Playing chamber music is as difficult and invigorating and joyful as anything I’ve ever done.