This evening, Kim, Heather and I lounged on a pile of blankets in front of the fire and watched the movie Julie and Julia. Meryl Streep’s exuberant performance caused us to become completely charmed by the character of Julia Child.

She moved around her kitchen with brisk movements, stirring and tasting with unaffected flourishes. She spoke in a high, dancing voice. She stood at least a head taller than everyone else, even her husband, an elegant giantess. After being embarrassed by her inexperience in her Parisian cooking class and sensing that the other students (all male) looked down on her, she spent an entire afternoon chopping onions until she made a pile several feet high. She determined to chop quicker and lighter than anyone, and she succeeded.

At the beginning of the movie, Julia finds herself restless and board. She confesses to her husband, “I want to DO something!” Paul asks, “What do you love to do more than anything?” Without a second thought, she said, “I love to eat!”

And so she did what she loved.